Who We Are?

The Life Adult Medical Day Care Center is an adult day care center conveniently located in the Iron bound section of Newark New Jersey. We are a privately-owned and operated day care facility that caters to seniors, and disabled adults in a healthy, sustainable, and encouraging environment.

Families most often procure of our services as respite for their loved ones who cannot be safely left alone at home. With this, the LAMDCC strives to fill out their needs through auxiliary services that form an atmosphere for socialization and assistance. They are delivered by enthusiastic caregivers through fun recreational programs and activities to entertain them throughout the day.

Our services are personalized to better respond to each senior’s individuality’s. The LAMDCC is fully-functional with safety privacy measures in a secured environment that is conducive to optimal quality of life.

Come enjoy a day with us with great Activities, Food and Entertainment. We make the most of LIFE….for each of our clients who we call family…

For more information, please call us at 973-578-2815. You can also leave us a message through our online Contact Us form.

 Who do you service?

We provide services to individuals 18 years and older who may need supportive services in order for them to remain independent in their homes to prevent the onset of institutionalization.

Adult Day Care Centers are community option programs designed to meet the needs of functionally and or cognitively impaired adults though an individual plan of care. Our structured and comprehensive programs provide a variety of medical, health, nutritional, social and other related supportive services in a protective setting.

 Do you get surveyed?

Yes, one time a year the surveyors review our program, documentation and quality of services. We are in good standing with the State Survey Process.

 Who provides the license for you to do this type of program?

We are licensed by the Department of Health and Senior Services for Adult Day Care Providers.

 What kind of services do you provide?

SERENITY GARDENS “JUNG WON” is a safe, healthy and enjoyable place to spend your mornings and afternoons. Whether you like to be active or relaxed, there is plenty for you here. Our friendly, expertly trained staff is dedicated to helping you feel good, have fun and stay healthier longer.

Social Service: Under the direction of licensed Social Workers, we offer individual family counseling, assistance with direct services such as food stamps, Medicaid eligibility and housing as well as case management of community services.

Medical Services:Our licensed medical professionals provide onsite health care services including physician care as well as podiatry, dental and vision care, acupuncture, reflexology and diabetic counseling.

Nutrition: Under the direction of a registered dietitian we offer NUTRITIOUS hot catered AUTHENTIC Korean meals per day plus snacks. We also provide dietary monitoring, counseling and nutrition education. Designing our food service with the Korean Culture in mind, we offer Korean family style meal service.

Nursing: Under the direction of our registered nurses, we provide evaluation, treatments, health education, medication management and administration, health monitoring and full coordination of medical services. Also we provide personal care, emergency care and nursing rehabilitation, blood pressure testing and monitoring and blood sugar testing and monitoring.

Recreational Activities: Our certified Activities Therapist provides physical social, cognitive and creative activities designed to develop individual strengths and healthy living. Daily Activities for all interests consists of exercise, games, parties, arts and crafts, movies, clubs, books, special events, educational programming and entertainment. We have special activities designed for the Korean Seniors.

Rehabilitation Therapies: Our affiliates who are licensed therapist provides physical therapy and assistance with ordering special equipment, referrals for Occupational Therapy, Speech and Hearing Therapy are made to local providers and coordinated by our medical staff.

Transportation: Our luxurious vehicles provide door to door transportation that accommodates assisted devices such as walkers and wheelchairs. We also provide transportation to medical appointments.

Pharmacy: All prescriptions are filled and delivered daily. Medications are reviewed by our local registered pharmacist.

 What Counties do we cover?

We cover Bergen, Essex, Passaic, parts of Hudson, Union and Morris Counties. We work with the individual or caregiver to provide direct transportation no more than 2 hours per day.

 Who is eligible for the program?

The program is available to adults of all ages who reside in the community and who suffer from health problems, problems related to chronic illnesses, or problems caused by the aging process. All clients must receive prior authorization from the New Jersey Department of Health to attend the program.

 What is the cost to me?

If you have Medicaid, there will be absolutely no cost to you for any of our services, not even for our meals or transportation. If you are private pay client then a fee schedule will be given to you but you pay only one amount no matter how many services you receive.

 Who do I become a client?

By contacting our Admissions Department, you will speak to a staff member who will assist you with the admissions process and answer any questions which you may have regarding your participation in the program. The admissions staff member will assist you in completing our admissions application and will arrange for a visit so you can see the program to ask further questions.

 What is Prior Authorization?

The NJ Department of Health requires that all clients meet certain medical criteria to attend any Adult Day Care Program. When you complete an application to the program, we will send a form with you medical information to the Department of Health…They will review your application and will decide if you medically qualify for the program. Once they approve the application, the program can admit you as a client. If you are enrolled in another program and wish to transfer to our center, we will contact the center you attend to inform them of your request. You will write a letter to request a transfer and we will send it to the State for their approval.

 How long does the Admission Process take?

After obtaining your medical information and speaking to your doctor, we complete a Nursing evaluation. Once our Nursing evaluation is complete usually after 1-2 visits, we will determine your eligibility and send your application to the state for their approval. However, while you wait for this decision from the State, you may attend the program and take advantage of all of our services, including transportation.

 How is transportation provided?

We have own vans and drivers. Our Mercedes Bens luxury vans ensure your safe transportation. Our drivers receive special training so that they can provide you with the best service. They will pick you up at your home and take you back home at the end of the day.

 Will you provide transportation to medical appointments?

Yes, just let us know in advance and we will take you to your appointments and then pick you afterwards.

 What medical professionals are on staff?

Our program has professional nurses, a medical doctor who is our medical director, and certified nursing attendants…we also have on-sight consulting medical and health care professionals who work directly with our client. These consultants include medical doctors, pharmacist, podiatrist, dietitian, physical therapist, and optometrist. We also work closely with other medical professionals in the community to make sure that you are provided with the best health care possible.

 Do I have to change my doctors?

No, you will keep all of your doctors and we will communicate with them. They can give us orders for Nursing Care. We work very hard to make sure that we coordinate with your own primary doctor.

 What If I need to go to the pharmacy to fill a prescription?

We work with a local pharmacy and will have your prescription filled and delivered right to the program each day.

 What happens if I need help to get to the bathroom or to move about?

Our certified nursing attendants are trained to assist you with your toileting needs and all of our staff is trained to help you as you move about the program. Our attendants are available to you all day to assist you with dressing, cleaning up, eating, and special needs which you may have.

 What happens if I need therapy?

If your own doctor or our doctor decides that you may benefit from Physical Therapy we will arrange for you to receive therapy from a professional establishment.
If you need another type of therapy we will make arrangements with you to a local therapy clinic and we will take you there and back to the center when you are done.

 Do you assist with personal problems I may be having like housing?

Yes, our Social Workers can work with you and your family to assist you with any problems which you may be having. This may include assistance with housing, dealing with Social Services and Medicaid, food stamp assistance and more. Our Social Workers are also available to assist you and your family with personal problems which you may need to discuss.

 Do you provide meals?

Yes, two nutritious healthy meals and a snack a day…the client’s never go hungry…and our meals are designed nutritionally by our dietitian and made by an exclusive caterer for good taste and variety.

 Do you provide special diets?

Yes, our trained professionals work under the supervision of a dietitian who will arrange any special diet that you may need. Our goal is to keep you healthy and your diet is an important part of that goal.. We can accommodate individuals who require soft foods, renal diets and diabetic diets.

 Do you provide respite to caregivers?

We offer a welcome respite for families caring for these individuals. You can rest assured that your loved one is safe and secured while in our care; giving you a temporary reprieve from care giving.